Camping improves your mental health – There is no Wifi, but plenty of Connection

Spending time outdoors in nature,  disconnected from the digital world and your digital devices is a perfect way to focus, unwind and to reduce the physical effects of daily stress.

Camping in the great outdoors offers the perfect excuse to put down your mobile phone, close down your laptop and step away from the office and everyday life.

Switch them off, take a deep breath and feel the relaxation seep into your body. Going camping offers you a way to escape the modern day and our digital constraints not only that but camping it self is documented to be good for your mental health.

Camping = fresh air and sunshine

Did you know the serotonin levels in your body is increased by the amount of oxygen you breathe in? This will have you feeling happy as well as relaxed, fresh air strengthens your immune system, cleans your lungs, improves your blood pressure and overall health, Vitamin D from sunshine also helps to boost the immune system and research has show a link to depression and Vitamin D deficiency so what better reason to get amongst nature to breathe in the oxygen pop on your SPF (we still need to be sun safe) and get amongst the vitamin boosting sunshine.

Now is the time to take in your new quieter stress free world. Set up your tent, turn off the phone, go for a hike or a float down a stream, or simply find a shady spot for your camp chair and take in the view.

Make your next camping trip more than a get away but a mental health retreat . Try leaving the technology at home switch off and enjoy.

Someone once said “Why do you need a TV camping when the stars in the sky are natures TV”

Look up and enjoy.