Festival Camping – 10 Top Tips

Festival Camping

Festival Camping –  Our 10 Top Tips

Summer time is often FESTIVAL time, and I think the camping experience at music festivals can sometime be the highlight of the whole experience. Its like a village of Canvas Tent, Tarps, Vans and Campers. It is here where you can make some life long friends and create wonderful memories.

The biggest thing I have learnt camping at music festivals is that you need to be organised but for those unprepared it can make for a very miserable experience.  At EVERY camping festival you attend, you are guaranteed to notice which groups are “festival pros”, the season campers have it sorted and then there are the “camping rookies” these poor souls are the ones that will definitely know better next time and I do hope there is a next time because the whole experience is AWESOME when you have it down pat.

So the thing is preparation is key!!! 

While it may be hard to bring all of these things when you are traveling to a music festival across country, you definitely want to try your best to have as much as possible to ensure a comfortable camping experience.

  1. Tent –  depending on the length of the festival have at least a 2-4 man tent or even a swag (our preferred option for short stays) that is easy to set up and pack down. There is nothing worse than a complicated set up in the heat of the day or in the dark. Also maybe have a practice run so you know how to put it together and the biggest tip i can give you is DON’T FORGET your tent poles (Yes we have done this….once!)

2. Sleeping Bag – The next essential is a good quality sleeping bag especially if you are festival camping in winter. If your camping in a swag you have a built in mattress but to complete your sleeping comfort don’t forget a camp mattress and to create more ease look for a self inflating camp mattress so you don’t need to carry a pump

3. Shade – One thing is a non-negotiable is shade. If you have an SUV, 4WD or Van an awning is my pick or for a bit more space a pop-up gazebo, both can also give you privacy with attachable privacy screens to make for a good chill out space when you need to.

4x4 Awning

4. Matting – you cant be guaranteed that the gown has perfectly mowed or is even grassy, so one of our top pick essentials is matting.  This will not only give you a nice space but if you want to keep your gear protected from mud and rocks you can set up your tent or swag on it as well.

5. Water Tank – Often at festivals they will have fill up stations around the festival site, but you are not guaranteed that you will be camped next to one.  So having a large refill tank is definitely an essential and to make it easy for transport one on wheels is a bonus.

6. Lighting – You will definitely need lighting for your camp site and to find your way back to your bed. From our experience festival site often have limited lighting around the tent city for obvious reasons so lanterns and head laps are a bonus.


7. Folding Table & Chairs – Breakfast, lunch or even a late night snack you will need to have a place to settle in. Easy to transport, set up and pack down is they way to go.  Look for a combination folding table & chairs to make life easy

8. Cooler – you will need to keep your food and drinks cold and fresh. Often at festivals you can get ice but it will cost you!!!! so think about a cooler that doesn’t rely on ice many camp fridges and coolers can be run off your car and will stay cold for hours.

9. Gas BBQ – when you are over festival food or you just want to make a cuppa, having a portable cooker is a must have. Something small and portable is the way to go.

Grillz Portable Gas BBQ Grill Heater

10. Your Tickets and ID – the last thing you want to forget is your tickets and ID!!. Keep a copy on your phone just in case.

So there you have it our top 10 tips for a better festival camping experience.  We look forward to seeing you at the next festival . Happy Camping.