How to Camp Like a Boss

It’s hard to think of anything more enjoyable than waking up on a bright morning to the sound of the birds singing, the air smelling fresh and clean knowing you planned your camping holiday well and have everything you could possibly need. To make sure your next family camping adventure is the best it can be, The Camp Co has everything you’ll need, and the following ideas, tips and hints will have you camping like a boss. 

Choosing Your Tent

If you have a large family or you’re taking along some friends, The Camp Co has plenty of tents to choose from. For instance, there’s the spacious 12-person family tent perfect for weekends or holidays. It’s domed, with two private bedrooms, a large front living area, and convenient zipper doors. If you need shade the way you like it at home with your outdoor blinds, then don’t fret. This tent has a shade awning at the front entrance, excellent ventilation and insect protection and a UV and water resistant rainfly made of polyester. The sturdy poles make it a strong tent, and it’s simple to set up. If you’re alone camper or the teenagers want their own swag tent, there’s plenty to choose from including the lightweight King Single Swag that offers plenty of room and shelter for all seasons. 

Camp Mattresses

A bit of luxury doesn’t hurt on a camping trip, especially when you’ll enjoy yourself much more if you get a good night’s sleep. You can buy queen size blow-camp mattresses from as little as $56 at The Camp Co and depending on the brand, self-inflating double air mattresses from $101. These fantastic blow-up camp beds come in single, double, and queen sizes, and they are really comfortable and suitable for every camper in your family or group. This is how the bosses camp; no more sleeping on the hard, cold ground! 

Sleeping Bags

A camping trip wouldn’t be the same without the fun of snuggling up in a deliciously warm sleeping bag at night. How about a 2-in one thermal sleeping bag for only $74 – it can be converted into two bags and is specially made from strong, water-resistant polyester fibre with high-density polyester padding. You won’t have to worry about the damp in this bag, and it can also be used as a mat or blanket during the day. This bag suits a temperature range of 10C to +15C and comes with two pillows. There are plenty to choose from, for example, double envelope sleeping bags for $82, which can be converted into two singles. 

Portable Fridge  

Gone are the days of relying on bags of ice in the Esky to keep food and drinks cold on a camping trip. Boss campers come better prepared than that, with portable fridge/freezers from The Camp Co with five different styles on offer. You can buy a 15L Portable fridge & freezer with either 12V, 24V or 240V for only $369. This fridge/freezer has extraordinary cooling performance and an easy to use control panel, accurate LED display, and heavy duty handles. It not only keeps food cold, but stores frozen food, so there’s no worry about everything going off on the way to the campsite. It will also freeze any fish you catch! 


Boss campers are always prepared with good lighting when the sun goes down. Choose from a variety of spotlights, strip lights, torches and lanterns, which makes life in a tent a whole lot more fun. There’s a great 25W, 12V CREE LED handheld spotlight that’s rechargeable for $110.00.

LED strip lighting is popular because it’s super bright, dimmable and use little power. Some of the strips can change colours and come with a remote control, so why not impress the kids! Head torches are also so handy you’ll wonder why you ever camped without them. 

What to Pack 

Packing the car for a camping trip can sometimes seem like a house move, but if you have a list of what you’ll need, you can be one step ahead, like a camp boss:

  • Cooking: Having a camp kitchen is a little bit of camping luxury that makes things so much easier, and a portable one is a handy addition to your camping gear. Don’t forget the camp kettle, water container, plates, and cutlery. 
  • Esky: If you aren’t ready to invest in any of the portable fridges mentioned above, you can stick with the old Esky for storing your food. 
  • Plastic Tubs: Plastic tubs have to be one of the handiest items on a camping list. Everyone can have a tub for their clothes and other things. They pack well, keep out the creepy crawlies and the dust and can hold the fish the Boss catches!
  • Camp Table and Chairs: The Camp Co has a variety of folding camp chairs and tables, from recliners and loungers to fishing chairs to choose from.
  • Portable Shower and Toilet: Camping isn’t about being spotlessly clean all day, but it’s nice to have a shower or even a wash basin to freshen up before bed or in the morning. Unless you’re camping somewhere with facilities, a camp shower is another little luxury. Ditto the camp toilet. The Camp Co has a 20L one (with a carry bag) for just $105.

Don’t forget the first aid and tool kits, insect repellant, clothesline and pegs, the bigger things such as the paddle boards and fishing rods and a hammock! There’s nothing quite like dozing in a hammock enjoying nature with a cold drink in hand. 

At The Camp Co, we are owned and operated by a team of passionate people in Queensland, and we provide our customers with the highest quality at the best prices! Our partnerships in Australia and overseas allow us to offer items at affordable prices. If you need a particular piece or style, we either have it, or we can source it for you. Email us at or fill in the online form.

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