The Do’s and Don’ts of a Family Camping Trip

Camping offers one of the most authentic ways to enjoy the great outdoors. It gives you a better appreciation for nature and creates incredible experiences. Camping trips are made even more enjoyable when you bring along the entire family as you prepare hearty meals around a campfire together and share stories under the stars. Before heading out on a family camping trip, it’s a good idea to review the following do’s and don’ts with your kids especially if it’s their first time outdoors.

DO bring essential camping gear:
You absolutely must bring all necessary camping gear with you. Once you reach a campsite, it could be many kilometres away from the nearest town. If you forget something then you’ll either have to go back or make do without it. Be sure to pack a first aid kit, a compass, a map, and a flashlight. Make a camping checklist to help you remember everything. The Camp Co has all the camping essentials you need for a family camping trip.


DO pack for all kinds of weather:
Even if you expect the camping area to be all sunshine throughout the weekend, it’s a good idea to prepare for all weather conditions. If it’s hot during the day, it might be really cold in the evenings. Pack layers of clothes like a shirt, a warm long-sleeved top, a fleece, and a down or waterproof jacket. That way you can easily layer as much or as little as needed. Make sure to also pack extra pairs of thick socks and gloves if it’s going to be cold.


DO test your camping gear:
The first time you use any gear should not be when you’re outdoors. Testing any gear before you set out on a family camping trip is absolutely essential. Practice setting up your tent in your backyard along with any other equipment you intend to bring. By testing your gear, you can plan ahead. For example, you might find out that setting up the tent stakes is much easier with a rubber mallet. With that in mind, you could easily buy what you need from our online store before setting out.

DON’T leave food unattended:
You should always make sure that you tidy up the campsite before you leave for the day or when you go to sleep. Make sure to follow any posted signs or even ask the camp ranger about proper food safety. Some campgrounds even provide storage lockers to keep your food protected from possums, bush turkeys, and deer. It’s important not to leave any food unattended to prevent any unwanted animal encounters.


DON’T forget about activities for your kids:
Even if you love hiking, your kids may not share that same level of enthusiasm. Be sure to have a variety of activities planned to keep them active and occupied. Consider bringing along things like playing cards, board games, frisbees, and even sporting equipment like cricket gear. These can provide a great opportunity to bond as a family.

DON’T leave behind a mess:
It’s important to do your part to minimise your eco footprint. Follow the “Leave No Trace” framework. Here are the basic principles: Bring everything back with you, dispose of all your waste properly, minimise site alterations (e.g. cutting branches), respect wildlife, and be considerate of other campers.

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